Functional advantages of Avia vertical machining center

Everyone knows that the main axis of the Yawei vertical machining center is perpendicular to the ground. It can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting processes. At least the vertical machining center of Yawei is a three-axis two-linkage, which can generally achieve three-axis three-linkage. Some can carry out five-axis and six-axis linkage.
Yawei vertical machining center has the following advantages:

  • ①The workpiece is easy to clamp, and the workpiece can be clamped with general clamps such as flat-nose pliers, pressure plate, indexing head, rotary table, etc. The clamping and positioning of the workpiece is convenient;
  • ②The tool movement track is easy to observe, the debugging program is convenient to check and measure, the problem can be found in time, and the shutdown process or modification can be performed;
  • ③The cooling condition is easy to establish, the cooling liquid can directly reach the tool and the processing surface;
  • ④The coordinate system, that is, the three coordinate axes X, Y, and Z, coincides with the Cartesian coordinate system, and it feels intuitive and consistent with the drawing perspective;
  • ⑤ Chips are easy to be removed and dropped to avoid the chips from scratching the processed surface;
  • ⑥Single-column structure is generally adopted. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, the structure is simple, the area is small, and the price is low.

The Yawei vertical machining center is suitable for cnc machining parts with relatively small dimensions in the Z axis direction. In general, except for the bottom surface, the remaining five surfaces can be contoured and surface processed with different tools.

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