Gantry cnc milling

Gantry milling is a processing technology that uses a milling machine with a gantry frame and a horizontal long bed to cnc machining the plane, slope, space surface and some special parts of large workpieces. Gantry cnc milling can process multiple milling cutters at the same time The precision and efficiency of the workpiece surface are relatively high.

Technical advantages of Dongguan gantry milling?

  • 1. Has a very good carrying capacity
  • 2. The guide rail has low abrasion and high precision of the machine tool
  • 3. Stable movement speed and acceleration
  • 4. High servo motion performance
  • 5. High processing accuracy.

Its specific performance characteristics vary according to the type, model and cnc manufacturer, and have a great relationship with the technology used. Taking the aforementioned SK series three-axis CNC gantry milling as an example, its performance characteristics are:

  • 1. Vertical milling head is equipped with TX400 heavy-duty gantry milling head, double rectangular guide rails, strong rigidity;
  • 2. Milling head is equipped with ball screw, pneumatic broaching device, driven by servo motor;
  • 3. The side milling head is equipped with V5 gantry milling head, and an independent lubrication device is installed. The lifting is driven by an ordinary reducer, and the frequency conversion is used to adjust the speed;
  • 4. Normal milling/CNC milling one-key conversion three-axis CNC system, which can be programmed and manually operated using the expansion panel, which is extremely practical in the actual machining process;
  • 5. Taiwan ball screw is equipped with the bed forward and backward, the beam up and down, and the vertical milling head up and down, driven by servo motor;
  • 6. Equipped with timing belt and timing wheel;
  • 7. Hand-held electronic handwheel unit, convenient for three-axis tool setting;
  • 8. Unique cross beam lifting safety interlock device to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool;
  • 9. Taiwan standard cycloid pump set is continuously lubricated with low failure rate.
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