Grinding Machine Maintenance Method

  1. When grinding, the machine tool must be kept clean and free of dust and dirt;
  2. When using, it should be lubricated with lubricating oil according to the instructions.
  3. The sliding surface and rotating device exposed to the outside should be protected from dust, and should be wiped clean and lubricated frequently to prevent rust.
  4. When adjusting the position of the tailstock and headstock on the worktable, the abrasive debris and sand particles from the tabletop and the joint must be cleaned and coated with a layer of lubricant before adjustment.
  5. When the machine tool is working, the working conditions of each part of the machine tool should be checked regularly. If the work is normal, if the spindle bearing becomes hot, it should be stopped immediately to check.
  6. Regular maintenance and repair of all accessories must be carried out regularly.
  7. The fixtures used in the machine tool should be properly managed and their integrity should be checked in time.
  8. When working, it is strictly forbidden to place tools and measuring tools on the workbench, and do not hit the machine tool and the workpiece fixed on the machine tool with a hammer, so as not to affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool.
  9. Machine tools, fixtures and accessories, etc., must be regularly inspected after working for a period of time.
  10. When using a forming grinder, it is best to use it at a constant temperature. It should not be used in an environment with a large temperature difference, so as not to affect the processing effect. Large, it generates heat and makes the wheel easy to crack.
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