How do glass processing center manufacturers choose reliable suction cups

Automatic glass processing center polishing automatic compensation:
The grinding wheel of the automatic glass processing center is automatically compensated.
Automatic compensation: For example, if one wire consumes 0.1 wire and the grinding wheel consumes 0.1 wire, the system will automatically compensate 0.1 wire to ensure the accuracy of the grinding product.
Automatic repair: The glass grinding wheel will become deeper and deeper and will be ground to the glass surface. In order to avoid this situation, the grinding wheel should be repaired in time to make the groove smaller. For example, if 20 pieces of glass are repaired automatically, after grinding 20 pieces of glass in the process, it will automatically run to the place where the polishing wheel is repaired.
What kind of suction cup is used in the machining center?
Use powerful suction cups or electromagnetic suction cups. If you recommend this, then suspect that there is advertising. Blocked by Baidu, there are not many manufacturers searching for Baidu. You can only understand one by one. This should not be too much. Service attitude and products are relatively mature. Let them apply some video cases and judge them.
Machining center strong sucker price:
Machining center powerful suction cup 300×300 Whether you want a powerful suction cup or a powerful suction cup, you can use it in the machining center at different prices. Basically, stainless steel discs do not suck. If you must suck, you can try to add an ordinary iron plate on the other side of the stainless steel plate.
The suction cup tool is simple. Due to the use of vacuum pumps, it is natural to use corresponding control elements, solenoid valves. You must also choose a suction cup (choose in Yadeke Kun, etc. If you want better, you can choose SMC Kun Festo). For this material, use large suction cups to suck the sides of the forming groove.
If you want to design this, you must first consider how to suck, how to place it after sucking, the action is good, the so-called design is just to choose standard parts, and then frame these standard parts (such as fixed plate Kun bending parts, etc.) ) To draw. Of course, there must be an electrical engineer, because your actions need to be implemented by the PLC.
Do you still need to come here and ask? Think about it. There are so many people in Shenzhen engaged in non-standard automation equipment. Many stupid people can design and slowly become so-called mechanical engineers.

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