How to choose CNC machine tools for your business

If your company is involved in the work of metal workpieces, CNC machine tools can greatly increase the production speed, they have been used in various industries. When purchasing machine tools for your business, please consider the following information:

Number of axes

This is the first thing you should consider. Most china cnc machining tools have cutting heads, which move in three directions (X, Y, and Z) with the tool aligned with the Z axis downward. This design presents certain limitations with multi-directional machines containing a fourth axis.

Moving range

If you need to produce large parts, then you should look for machines that have enough space to build a machine that passes one large part at a time. If parts of different sizes are produced, be sure to find the largest size machine that can be accommodated.

Professional spindle

The precision of the CNC machine tool depends to a large extent on the spindle of the rotary tool connected to the motor. It is responsible for ensuring that the tool maintains vibration at a minimum height and rotates concentrically, even under heavy loads.

Moving speed

Speed ​​is the reason you bought a CNC machine tool, you want to make sure you find one as fast as you need it to work. Even if the machine has all the functions you need, it may not be suitable for you, if you can not speed up your operation. But keep in mind that the fastest machine may not necessarily be the right choice for your production, so be sure to make your right choice.

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