How to choose the right machining center products for casting products

How to choose the right machining center products for casting products

The machining center processes hard castings. Generally, iron parts are relatively large workpieces. Of course, there are special cases, so use larger-sized iron pieces.

Large iron parts have high quality, and the cutting volume is usually large. In this case, the hard rail is the most suitable, the hard rail is rigid, strong seismic performance, strong load capacity, suitable for high impedance cutting. If the CNC machining center line is used, it is not very good and may even damage the guide rail. The guide rail may be deformed because it cannot withstand high-intensity cutting. Therefore, unless the customer has special requirements, the CNC machining center manufacturer usually recommends to the customer to use the CNC machining china center hard, and the same type of CNC machining center is cheaper than the railway and the large CNC machining center, VMC1270 trackless is available, because these CNC machining centers usually perform long-distance high-performance cuts. The advantages of hard rails are high rigidity, good seismic resistance, and capacity. These advantages come from the hard rail machining center. The hard CNC is the structure of the CNC machining center and the guide and the bed rail of the main body. That is, the guide rail is cast in the The bed structure is more rigid than linear machining using a ball or spherical valve core to guide a CNC machining center, but it also has disadvantages, secondary machining accuracy and production efficiency, but the CNC machining center of the wire is used to process large sizes. The iron piece is too easy to damage.

The hard path is good, and the accuracy of the machine tool has nothing to do with the guide rail, mainly the accuracy of the servo drive motor and screw bearing. The guide rail mainly plays the role of guiding and transportation.

Line rail has rolling friction, point or line contact, small contact surface and low friction. It is mainly used for high-speed processing and mold industry. Used for small cutting and rapid cutting.

Hard rail is friction sliding, it is surface contact, the contact surface is large, the friction force is large, and the fast movement speed is slow. When processing molten steel castings, the amount of blades is large, the cutting force is relatively large, and the vibration is relatively strong. The benefits of the rails indicate that the surface as a hard steel rail is in contact with the surface. The contact surface is large and the shock absorption is good. This not only ensures the processing efficiency, but also ensures the processing accuracy.

The shape of the main shaft corresponding to the machine line is usually an electric main shaft, and the main shaft has a small torque and no holes. The moving parts of the production line machine are mounted on the slider. Inside the slider is a rolling ball or roller. When the cutting force is large, it is easy to cause resonance, the sound is harsh, and the vibration is a damage to the accuracy of the machine tool. one of the reasons

In short, when machining castings, it is even better to use hard rails, especially when the raw material finish is developed. If only the finishing is completed, this railway line is good. This railway line moves fast and can save time in large batch machining castings without processing.

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