How to complete the tool change of vertical milling machine

At present, most of them are mainly boring and milling, which are used to process box parts with complex shapes that need to be processed on multiple sides and multiple processes. In addition, turning centers and EDM machine tools that can automatically replace electrodes have also been quite developed.

In addition to being able to complete all the processing procedures of the horizontal lathe, the turning center can also mill the keyway and drill due to the power tool holder. The vertical column can move forward and backward along the horizontal rail of the bed, and the rotary table can be oriented around the vertical axis The rotation is controlled by the numerical control device for precise arbitrary indexing. The work piece is installed on the rotary table through a fixture or directly. The various tools required during the processing are stored on the four-row chain tool magazine.

According to the china cnc machining sequence, each row of tools can automatically switch positions and transfer the required tools to the tool change position, that is, the right side of the tool magazine so that it can be taken out by the tool loading robot and then installed on the spindle. The loading and unloading manipulators are installed on the manipulator frame, which can move the telescopic gripper along the guide rail, and move up and down, back and forth with the manipulator frame, and make a 180-degree turning movement between the tool magazine and the spindle, so that Under the control of the system, the actions of tool selection, tool unloading and tool loading are automatically completed (the figure shows that the manipulator is at the tool unloading and tool loading position). After the process is completed, the column moves back, and the spindle box rises to the coordinate origin position, and the spindle stops at a certain position. When the circumferential position is up, it will start to change automatically

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