How to debug horizontal machining center

  • 1. Fill the oil tank of the horizontal machining center with oil. When the oil is full of the hydraulic pump, link the shaft joint by hand. If the oil is discharged from the oil outlet of the pump, no bubbles will stop. For pumps with unloading ports, fill the pump casing with oil.
  • 2. After confessing that the hydraulic system has been purified to meet the standards, the horizontal machining center participates in the regulated medium to the oil tank. When participating in the media, it must be filtered, the accuracy of the filter element must meet the requirements, and it must be tested and confirmed.
  • 3. Carry out loading test under the premise of normal empty operation. Loading can use the execution organization to move to the end position.
  • 4. Check all parts of the hydraulic system and confirm that the equipment is reasonable and correct.

The horizontal machining center adopts hydraulic pre-selected variable speed organization, which can save auxiliary time. Spindle forward and reverse rotation, parking (brake), variable speed, neutral and other actions are controlled by a handle, easy to operate, rocker arm guide, outer column round appearance , The main shaft, main shaft sleeve, and surface and inner column reversal raceways have been quenched, which can maintain the stability of the accuracy of the horizontal machining center for a long time.

And the feed movement has a large scale of speed regulation, which is usually completed by the mechanical speed change organization. The spindle speed change organization and the feed speed change organization are installed in the headstock. The main motion and feed motion of the horizontal machining center are the motion of the main shaft. For this reason, these two motions are driven by a main shaft motor, which is separated by the main shaft transmission organization, and the feed transmission organization completes the rotation and feed of the main shaft.

The horizontal machining center has also adopted a series of useful methods in structural design and in the production process, so that the precision and durability of the machine tool and the service life of the whole machine are extended. It has complete safety protection equipment and outer column protection. The main shaft box, rocker arm, front and rear columns are clamped by hydraulically driven diamond blocks, which ensures firm clamping.

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