How to guarantee the coaxiality in the actual machining

How to guarantee the coaxiality of the swiss machine in the actual processing process? On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the coaxiality requirements for material roundness and straightness. In addition, the coaxiality can be guaranteed in the following ways. The bar feeder can be used to realize one-time feeding, add long material to the connected items, and appropriately control the feed amount when processing at both ends. A dual-spindle centering machine can be used, which is processed synchronously after being connected through the back shaft.

What are the transmission systems included in the heart machining

The work station of the transmission system of the core machine is arranged with a work table and a vertical work table on the upper part of the core machine, and the mechanical feed device is horizontally suspended and connected with the vertical and horizontal screws. Instead, the lifting table is mainly located in front of the machine tool, and the clearance adjustment is achieved by the oblique iron through the connecting rod of the guide rail. The vertical lifting of the elevator is achieved by two bevel gear drive screws and nuts. The main transmission structure of the core walking machine is equipped with a main gear box and a vertical milling head. The main transmission route is the main motor gear, bevel gear, and axle.

The guide bush of the walking machine can be divided into three modes: fixed guide bush, rotary guide bush and no guide bush. Different types of guide bushes are aimed at different cnc machining parts. The rotary guide sleeve is connected to the main shaft through the intermediate connecting mechanism, and then realizes synchronous rotation with the main shaft, which is suitable for processing workpieces with a length-to-diameter ratio greater than 3.

The fixed guide sleeve and the spindle material do not rotate together, and are also suitable for processing workpieces with an aspect ratio greater than 3. The core walking machine selects the non-guide bushing mode to process the workpiece with the length-diameter ratio of less than 3, and the spindle holds the material for processing.

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