How To Improve The Accuracy Of Bearing Centerless Grinder

Grinding principle of centerless grinding machine: centerless grinding method consists of three mechanisms: grinding wheel, adjusting wheel and workpiece support. The grinding wheel is actually used for grinding. The adjusting wheel controls the rotation of the workpiece and causes the workpiece to enter the cutting speed As for the workpiece support, which supports the workpiece during grinding, there are several ways to match these three parts, except for stopping grinding, which is the same in principle.

The MG1020 centerless grinder is a very profitable machine because of its high accuracy, high efficiency, and high machine tool stability. However, few people ask about it because of the high price. A new 1020 will cost more than 130,000 yuan, but an old one will only cost about 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, if you are smart enough, I will teach you to use an old machine tool as new, with the same accuracy and stability:

  1. Do a good job at the connection of each part, and then disassemble the machine tool sub-system 1 Grinding wheel system 2 Grinding wheel dressing system 3 Guide wheel system 4 Guide wheel dressing system 5 Hydraulic system 6 Lubrication system, please classify the parts and bolts of each part Place to avoid confusion or loss.
  2. Check whether the outer diameter of the grinding wheel shaft is 75MM. If it is smaller than 5 wires, it is recommended to change the shaft and make a 75MM positive 10 wire pig iron grinding rod with the grinding bush until all are touched. Make an inner hole 75 positive 2 during assembly wire. Concentric sleeve with an outer diameter of 110 minus 2 wires. Use a concentric sleeve to adjust the machine tool spindle and the machine tool shell to be concentric. Also ensure that the lateral clearance of the spindle is not greater than 0.01MM. The grinding wheel shaft can be easily rotated by hand.
  3. Check the disconnection of the trimmer and the oil cylinder. The trimmer should be free to move back and forth by hand, and it must not be light or heavy; there should be no gaps when shaking it by hand, and it is not suitable for scraping.
  4. Treat the shaft and bush of the guide wheel as the inspection wheel, and then adjust the guide shaft of the machine tool with a concentric sleeve to ensure that the axial clearance of the shaft is within 0.002MM and there must be no axial transmission. There should be no abnormal noise after driving.
  5. The lubrication system is very important to protect the grinding wheel shaft, like the human heart to protect the brain. 1 Disassemble and wash the system and install it. 2 Connect the grinding wheel and try to cut off the oil circuit to see if the machine tool will protect.
  6. The debugging method of the guide wheel dresser is the same as that of the grinding wheel.
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