How To Improve The Efficiency Of Machine Tool Clutch

PTJ can provide different clutch styles for spindle transmissions and other advanced transmission systems in the machine tool manufacturing industry, and can achieve very high accuracy in machining and calibration. For example, claw clutches, steel multi-disk clutches, metal bellows clutches, etc.

For many years, the claw clutch RotexGS has been widely used in various machine tools. It can correct shaft misalignment, and more importantly, its function of damping vibration or changing bandwidth. The manufacturer also provides a servo multi-disc clutch Radex NC for customers to choose. If the customer’s requirements for robustness are relatively high, this clutch can be selected. The company also developed Toolflex, a metal bellows clutch with high torsional strength, which is also suitable for this situation. Toolfiex KN series products have a tapered fastening system, and can provide 4 small models of products, the torque range from 0.1 to 2Nm.

The small clutch ToolfiexSL is stronger than the previous Toolfiex series, and it will remain in this series in the future. Among them, the model 20 clutch has a total length reduced by 7mm. As modern machinery requires higher and higher power density, shortening the length becomes an advantage. ToolfiexS not only resists torsion, but also has a low moment of inertia. When users buy this product, they can also choose jackets and countersunk screws (when a simple sleeve is used), the latter is used for dynamic coupling torque transmission of the shaft. Different models of this series of products can be applied to positioning transmission devices and automatic synchronous transmission devices.

The correct clutch design can play a damping effect

Choosing the best clutch is a task that requires high skill. Because there is often no absolutely solid system is the best. In the main shaft transmission without clutch, unnecessary vibration will appear immediately when high-speed machining is performed. It will not only cause premature tool wear, but also cause damage to components.

Therefore, for the clutch, avoiding vibration or displacement becomes an important task. KTR engineers have extensive experience in this area, and will use modern software tools to design clutches when necessary.

Built-in overload system

In addition to the main shaft clutches used for the main transmission and auxiliary transmission, KTR also produces various overload systems. They can disengage the drive in case of overload, thus avoiding excessive losses. These robust systems are not affected by the surrounding environment during operation, and can be combined as a structural component with other transmission elements, such as dog clutches, circular tooth clutches, timing pulleys or sprockets.

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