How to maintain the surface grinder?

As a common mechanical equipment in the processing workshop, many processing companies will purchase a set of surface grinders to use. Although there are many different types of surface grinders, the main structure is roughly the same, so the maintenance method is basically the same. It is convenient for everyone to get familiar with the surface grinder as soon as possible and keep it in good working condition. Next, the surface grinder manufacturer with good quality and good service will introduce the maintenance method of the grinder.

1. Check and clean before and after work

If you want to maintain the surface grinder, the staff should check each time before starting the work, including the sanitary inspection of various parts of the surface grinder, and clean the ash from the workbench and shields, and also Discard all the ash in the ash collection tank, and then check the correct position of the operating handle and switch knob of the surface grinder, check whether the operation is inflexible, and whether the device is abnormal. After the work is completed, it should be cleaned in time and the power of the surface grinder should be cut off, and all the processed parts should be evacuated from the workbench.

2. Periodically check the circuit system and lubrication system

If the circuit system and lubrication of the surface grinder have problems, it will not work properly, and the grinder will be damaged in serious cases. Therefore, to maintain the surface grinder, you must regularly check these two systems to ensure that the terminal, the limit device and all There is nothing abnormal with the button switch. At the same time, it is necessary to know whether the indicated height of the oil surface of the surface grinder is at a reasonable position. If the oil level is insufficient, add lubricating oil in accordance with the relevant regulations.

In order to make the surface grinder have a long service life, in addition to understanding which surface grinder is good for service and purchasing from, it must also be well maintained when using the surface grinder, so it should be carefully checked before and after each use Various components, and let the surface grinder maintain a good clean environment at any time, so that the surface grinder can be well maintained.

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