How to make different diameter tubes

The reduction forming of the high-pressure reducer is to put a tube blank equal to the large end diameter of the high-pressure reducer into the forming mold, and then press the tube along the axial direction of the tube blank to move the metal along the cavity and shrink the mold. Because the size of the diameter of the head is different, the shrinking molding can also be divided into one press forming or multiple press forming.

Sometimes according to the needs of materials and product forming, the methods of expanding and reducing diameter are used together.

In the process of reducing or expanding diameter and pressing, according to different materials and reducing diameter, it is determined to use cold or hot pressing. In general, cold pressing is used as much as possible, but for the case of severe work hardening caused by multiple diameter changes, thick wall thickness, or alloy steel materials, hot pressing is more suitable for the production of high-pressure reducers. Huizhou elbow processing

The high-pressure reducer usually adopts the forming process of reducing diameter and expanding diameter, expanding diameter or reducing diameter, and can also be formed by stamping.

The stamping forming process is mainly for high-pressure reducer pipes with special specifications. The shape of the die used for stamping can refer to the inner surface size design of the high-pressure high-pressure reducer pipe. The stamped steel sheet is punched and stretched into shape. Baby carriage elbow processing
Before bonding the high-pressure reducer, use a dry cloth to wipe the socket side and the outside of the socket. When the surface is greased, it must be cleaned with acetone. Pay attention to the following points:

  • 1. Control caliber: DIN standard (DN10-DN150), 3A/IDF standard (1/2″-6″), ISO standard (Ф12.7-Ф152.4);
  • 2. International industrial standards: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF, etc.;
  • 3. Product material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L;
  • 4. Quality and use: The inside and outside of the head are treated with high-end polishing equipment to meet the surface precision requirements; this product is suitable for dairy, food, beer, beverage,pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industrial fields.
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