How to set the fourth axis for FANUC machining center manufacturers

How to set the 4th axis in FANUC machining center?

Is your encoder absolute? Or incremental? To be clear, it is enough to move the axis you want to the fixed point 1815ZPA=1 in absolute mode. If it is incremental (it depends on the position of the origin and the stopper depending on the bumper, it will look at the X9.0 origin position signal. It will be 3mm away. If you are familiar with it, you don’t need to say more.

In the fanuc CNC system, how to make the A axis of the fourth axis of the machine tool rotate at 0-360 degrees.

8130 servo axis is 4, 1023 fourth write 4, 2084/2085=can be set to 9/25 but it must be set correctly according to the actual, 1821 must also be set correctly, 1006#0 sets this axis as the rotary axis, 1020 Four 65, one parameter is forgotten, you can search in the function manual, the others can be set according to other axes.

The difference between FANUC 3-axis linkage and 4-axis linkage machining center

Three-axis and four-axis programming are no different. The four-axis of the factory realizes the processing efficiency and processing accuracy through the A-axis rotation degree. There is no need to learn four-axis specifically. When you join the job and see the four-axis machine tool, you will understand. If you use four-axis linkage, you won’t need manual programming, but computer programming. There is more than one zero position for the four axes.

Now that I have learned too much about CNC, I will not say how you learned. Most of what I learned from school is not good. Don’t be discouraged, take it easy! No need to be an apprentice, start with the operator! Good luck!

How FANUC system locks each axis

There is a machine lock button on the machine. If each axis does not start, just press it. To test run the program, just press dry run + machine lock + cycle start.

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