How to Solve the Problem of Clamping Tool in Programming Operation of CNC Machine Tool

Programming method of CNC machine tool four-axis machining center:
Generally, when the workpiece is not located in space, there are six degrees of freedom, X\Y\Žthree degrees of linear displacement and the corresponding A\B\C degrees of freedom of rotational movement. In the Cartesian coordinate system, the six degrees of freedom are usually X\Y\Z to express three linear axes, and correspond to the three rotating axes A\B\C. For example, the CNC multi-axis of the machine tool, that is, the machining center is designed to set the number of axes according to the machining target.
What is the difference between four-axis three-axis and even five-axis programming in a machining center?
In terms of programming, programming machining center axis four is completely different from center scheduling five-axis machining. When the workpiece is processed by four axes of the machining center, the axis of the tool is always oriented to the axis of the rotation axis of the workpiece. Because of this special
The four axes of the programmed machining center are similar to the three axes of the machining center.
The four-axis articulated machining center is divided into horizontal and vertical; if horizontal, the programming method of axis B and axis Y is the same. Three axes are added, but only one fixture can rotate the four sides, which has reached a higher level. Position accuracy and other accuracy requirements.
When programming, you need to use the fourth axis, just enter B degrees! It should be noted that it should be considered when setting the workpiece coordinate system carefully. Each surface must establish a coordinate system (or sub-coordinate system).
Such as: G51.1, G51.2 vertical type and horizontal type are the same. The difference is that the vertical type is the A axis and the horizontal type is the B axis.
CNC machine tool processing center always handles the problem of jamming cutter:
When the system of the flange of the machining center is changed, the cutter card can release the brake on the motor tool change, and use the wrench to turn the knob until the engine robot returns to the correct position.
CNC milling machine is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of ordinary milling machine. The processing technology of the two is basically the same and the structure is similar. CNC milling machines are divided into two categories: no tool magazine and tool magazine. The CNC milling machine with tool loader is also called a machining center.

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