Inspection and maintenance of precision machine tools

  • 1. Perform cleaning treatment. After finishing the cutting tasks, the machining center should clean up the chips and wipe the machine in time, and use the machine tool and the environment to keep it clean.
  • 2. Check and replace the accessories, first of all, pay attention to check the oil wiper on the guide rail, and replace it in time if it is worn. Check the status of lubricating oil and cooling fluid. If turbidity occurs, it should be replaced in time, and the water below the scale should be added.
  • 3. The shutdown procedure should be standardized, and the power and total power on the machine tool operation panel should be turned off in turn. In the absence of conditions and requirements, the principles of first zero return, manual, jog, and automatic should be followed. The machining center should also run at low speed, medium speed, and then high speed. Low-speed and medium-speed operation time should not be less than 2-3 minutes before there is no abnormal situation before starting work.
  • 4. Standard operation, it is not possible to knock, correct or correct the workpiece on the chuck and place. Confirm the workpiece and tool clamping before proceeding to the next operation. The safety and protection devices on the machine tool shall not be disassembled and moved arbitrarily.
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