Key points for inspection of precision parts processing

Pay attention to several points in the inspection of precision parts processing

  • 1. The length scale and groove scale are measured with vernier calipers.
  • 2. The radial circle runout inspection is to use two center holes to locate the inspection. At this time, the processing datum and the measurement datum coincide, which reduces the error and is the correct measurement method. The measurement method is the same as the measurement coaxiality.
  • 3. The outer circle accuracy of the CNC lathe is measured with a micrometer. The zero position of the micrometer should be checked, and multiple points should be measured when measuring the outer circle.

CNC machining should pay attention to three points when determining the positioning reference and clamping scheme

  • 1. Strive to unify the design, process, and programming calculation benchmarks.
  • 2. Minimize the number of clampings, and try to CNC process all the surfaces to be processed after one positioning.
  • 3. Avoid the manual adjustment program that takes up the machine.
  • 4. The fixture must be open, and its positioning and clamping mechanism must not affect the tooling in CNC machining (such as collision). In such cases, you can use a vise or add a base plate to extract the screw.
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