Large boring and mill machine can realize high efficiency production

The XHA21 series of crossbeam mobile gantry boring and milling machines introduced by Beijing No. 1 Machine Tool Plant has the characteristics of good rigidity and high accuracy. This series of machine tools are fixed on the worktable, and the worktable moves horizontally along the longitudinal direction of the bed guide rail. The machine tool can realize CNC coordinated multi-coordinate linkage.

The ram boring and milling head of XHA21 series adopts high-power spindle frequency conversion servo motor to meet the heavy load and powerful cutting. The user can choose to configure it on the horizontal plane. The accessory boring and milling head is equipped with an accessory milling head, and the workpiece can be processed in five processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping, etc. in one clamping, and can perform three-coordinate or multi-coordinate CNC machining of complex surfaces And profile machining, with high efficiency and high quality.

This series of machine tools use linear rolling guides and plastic composite guides to maintain good performance of the machine even when cutting under heavy loads.

This series of machine tools is suitable for precision molds, wallboards (textile, printing, chemical), and racks (locomotive steering) in various machinery and equipment manufacturing industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, printing machinery, textile machinery, locomotive vehicles and other machinery Frame), CNC and imitative machining of box-type precision parts.

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