Laser and electron beam, similarities and differences in surface treatment

Compare the similarities and differences between laser surface treatment technology and electron beam surface treatment technology.

Electron beam, ion beam and laser beam are the three major carriers in the field of surface engineering, known as three-beam modification. All have high energy density characteristics.

Ion beam processing is an element implantation process, which has the effects of irradiation damage, shot peening, surface compression, formation of surface amorphous state, and formation of dispersed compound particles. The main role of electron beam and laser beam is at high energy without radiation. Photos, surface compression and other characteristics.

1. Processing principle: The processing principles of electron beam and ion beam are similar, all of which produce impact effect, sputtering effect and implantation effect, so as to realize processing; and the mechanism of laser beam processing is thermal effect.

2. Processing device: The electron beam is similar to the ion beam, mainly made of an electron gun system, a vacuum system, a control system, and a power supply system; the laser beam is composed of a laser, a power supply, an optical system, and a mechanical system.

3. Processing characteristics:Electron beam: small beam diameter and high energy density; non-contact machining, there is no obvious mechanical cutting force between the tool and the workpiece during the machining process, and no macroscopic stress and deformation are generated; the range of the processed object is wide; the electron beam energy is high, The processing speed is fast and the efficiency is high; electron beam processing requires a set of special equipment and vacuum system, which is expensive.

Ion beam: high processing precision and surface quality; wide range of processing materials; rich processing methods; good performance and easy automation; wide application range, which can be selected according to processing requirements.

Laser beam: high processing precision; wide range of processing materials; good processing performance; fast processing speed and high efficiency; expensive processing method.

Electron beam; electron beam scanning exposure; electron beam projection exposure; electron beam surface modification.

Ion beam: ion beam sputtering removal processing; ion beam sputtering coating processing; ion beam injection processing; ion beam exposure processing.

Laser beam: high processing accuracy; wide range of processing materials; good processing performance; fast processing speed and high efficiency; expensive.

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