Laser cutting has become the trend of metal machining

According to the market report, up to 2017, the utilization rate of laser cutting machine in domestic metal manufacturing industry has reached more than 70%, which is higher than other metal processing equipment. The cutting seam of laser cutting machine is smooth and smooth, and there is no need for other post-processing after cutting, which saves further labor costs and cnc machining costs, reduces various processing links, and has high speed, high cost performance ratio and great improvement High production efficiency.

Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser cutting machine not only has low price and low consumption, but also has no mechanical stress on the workpiece. Therefore, the effect, precision and cutting speed of the cutting products are very good, and the maintenance is simple. In recent years, the development of laser cutting machine is very fast. It has gradually replaced the traditional technology and become a trend of metal machining industry.

Due to the unique processing advantages of laser cutting, the processing cost is greatly reduced. At the same time, combined with a variety of flexible payment methods, more and more sheet metal processing enterprises, kitchen and bathroom manufacturing enterprises and automobile parts processing enterprises are using laser cutting machine more and more.

Under the condition of strong technical strength in China, the cutting quality, effect and cost of high power rate laser cutting machine have been greatly improved. It has been widely used in many industries in China. The plane cutting, drilling, cutting, carving and other processes of high-power laser cutting machine are the cutting needs of personalized development. Through the computer control system, the computer can draw arbitrary graphics at will, complete various complex fancy pattern cutting, and the operation is simple.

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