Machining method of vertical milling machine

Peripheral milling: Vertical milling machines use milling cutters around the milling cutter to perform milling called peripheral milling, or peripheral milling for short. Due to the large number of cylindrical milling cutter teeth, there will be tiny ripples in the plane machining. At the same time, the cylindricity of the tool directly affects the flatness of the milling plane.

  • X5032 vertical milling machine
  • X5032 vertical milling machine

End milling: The vertical milling machine uses the end teeth of the end mill, which is called end milling. It mainly uses the end face of the milling cutter to process the plane, so the processed plane has many irregularities. This phenomenon is usually due to the rotation speed of the equipment and the feed speed. In addition, the main axis of the milling machine is related to the vertical accuracy of the workpiece feed direction.

How to compare peripheral milling with end milling: these two milling methods are separated when the workpiece is processed in a single plane, and processes such as milling steps and grooves often exist at the same time. The following is a comparative analysis of these two forms.

  • 1. The tool rigidity of the face milling cutter is significantly different from that of the cylindrical milling cutter.
  • 2. Face milling cutter is convenient for high-speed milling with cemented carbide blades, and the production efficiency and workpiece quality are better.
  • 3. The diameter of the face milling cutter is large, and a wide surface can be milled at a time. The cylindrical milling cutter generally has processing marks when milling large workpieces.
  • 4. Cylindrical milling cutter can adjust the processing angle arbitrarily, which can easily handle the processing of difficult workpieces.

For the vertical milling machine, the equipment operator can choose the processing method of the vertical milling machine according to the production needs and the difficulty of the workpiece processing.

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