MAG Cincinnati Precision Horizontal Machining Center

Main features of HMC500/630 precision horizontal machining center

  1. Main features
  2. Host part
    1) The machine bed, column, and slide are made of high-quality cast iron, and the column adopts an integral frame structure, which has the best thermal symmetry and structural stability.
    2) The bed adopts a T-shaped overall structure (X-direction is a stepped structure), which is easy to install and ensures accuracy and stability. The column moves along the X axis and the table moves along the Z axis; this structural design is more in line with the design principle of a high-precision coordinate boring machine: the table moves to a stationary spindle to ensure maximum rigidity and alignment of the spindle.
    3) The X and Y protection of the machine tool adopts an integrated insert cover, which provides a guarantee for the rapid movement of the machine tool. The machine tool protection adopts a double-layer splash-proof fully enclosed structure, which makes the machine tool more beautiful, the environment cleaner and the operation safer.
    The machine tool uses ergonomics, adopts a unique protective door design and a manual pulse generator, which makes the operator easy to access the work area (spindle and workpiece), which also reflects the unity of man-machine; the lubricating system and the pneumatic system pressure gauge are designed It is easy to add lubricating oil and set parameters in a place easily observed by the operator, which improves the maintainability of the machine tool; the top open safety door prevents the top water from falling when the operator approaches the work area.
    4) Machine tool linear drive
    The X, Y, Z axis feed mechanism of the machine tool uses a servo motor, a linear rolling guide pair and a precision ball screw pair.
    The high-precision linear roller guide rail enables the machine tool to achieve rapid movement and accurate positioning under the condition of 45m/min, and there is no crawling under low-speed operation; the use of centralized timing lubrication reduces the wear of the guide rail to a minimum, ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool stable

Set and lasting.
The mounting surface of the linear roller guide adopts precision scraping technology
Technology to ensure that the machine tool has high, stable and durable geometric accuracy.
The ball screw pair of the machine tool is fixed and pre-stretched at both ends.
Structural form, also equipped with 60º high-rigidity multi-screw bearing
Group to ensure the transmission rigidity and precision of the machine tool.
5) Spindle box and spindle group
The front and rear supports of the main shaft group adopt imported multi-precision combined bearings; precision machining and assembly technology ensure the main shaft group
The rotation accuracy of the bearing; the bearing is lubricated with long-term grease to achieve free
Maintenance; the spindle adopts external circulation forced cooling to reduce the spindle heat
Drift improves the stability of machining accuracy.
The spindle box moves up and down (Y axis) using hydraulic balance equipment
To eliminate the self-weight when the spindle box moves up and down
Unbalanced amount, Y axis accuracy is guaranteed.
6) Indexing rotary table of end sprocket (B axis)
The end gear indexing rotary table (B axis) uses a high precision end gear to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the B axis
Positioning accuracy, using servo motor to achieve rapid indexing.
7) Pallet positioning and locking
Pallet positioning adopts high-precision four-cone pin over-positioning method
Type, and is equipped with a clean blowing device for the positioning surface of the cone pin to ensure that
Reliable positioning accuracy.
The locking of the pallet adopts the locking method of the four-cone pin built-in cylinder,
The locking point coincides with the positioning point, which improves the rigidity of the worktable.

  1. Automatic tool changer (ATC)
    Adopt the cam type manipulator, the manipulator adopts the single-arm and double-jaw exchange method, the knife-to-knife time is only 2.5 seconds; adopt BT50
    Tapered shank tool; the tool magazine adopts servo drive with high efficiency and high precision, and the tool magazine capacity is standard equipped with 40 tools.
  2. Pneumatic, lubrication, hydraulic system
    Pneumatic, lubricating and hydraulic systems are imported or high-quality domestic products.
  3. Cooling and chip removal system
    In addition to the cooling system, the cooling system is also equipped with a cnc machining parts pallet flushing device, a water gun flushing device, and a coolant degreasing device.
    The chip evacuation system is equipped with a large flow cooling pump, a large gradient retractable protective cover and a double-spiral machine chip evacuator, which can effectively remove the chips in the machine tool and discharge the chips from the machine tool into the machine chip evacuator. It is automatically discharged into the chip-carrying car, and the chip-removal system is more smooth.
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