Main Structural Performance And Gantry Grinder Characteristics

  • 1. Gantry grinder is an electromechanical integration product that combines planing, milling and grinding functions in one machine. It is suitable for the processing of various ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and some non-metallic materials workpieces with high-speed steel and cemented carbide tools. It can complete the process of planing, milling and grinding of plane, inclined surface, side surface, groove rack and other machining processes.
  • 2. Working table transmission mode: 50°spiral tooth inclined shaft power input rack transmission. The main gearboxes are all 2 gears and 4 speeds, and the table speed is infinitely adjustable.
  • 3. Crossbeam locking: The crossbeam is mechanically automatically locked and interlocked with the lifting and lowering of the crossbeam.
  • 4. The feed of vertical planer and side planer is infinitely adjustable.
  • 5. All the basic parts of the machine tool are cast, processed and assembled by our company. The castings are made of HT250 cast iron, all of which have been subjected to thermal aging, vibration aging and secondary aging to fully eliminate the internal stress of the casting. The bed, column, and beam guides are all super-audio quenched.
  • 6. According to user requirements, special specifications can be customized, equipment configuration can be arbitrarily matched.
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