Maintenance items of the machining center

Machining centers are usually classified according to the relative position of the spindle and the table, and are divided into horizontal, vertical and universal machining centers.

  • (1) Horizontal machining center: refers to the machining center where the axis of the spindle is parallel to the worktable, and is mainly suitable for machining box parts.
  • (2) Vertical machining center: refers to a machining center where the axis of the spindle is perpendicular to the worktable, and is mainly suitable for processing complex parts such as plates, discs, molds and small shells.
  • (3) Universal machining center (also known as multi-axis linkage machining center): refers to a machining center that can control the linkage change through the angle between the machining spindle axis and the table rotation axis to complete the machining of complex space curved surfaces. It is suitable for the processing of impeller rotors, molds, cutting tools and other workpieces with complex spatial curved surfaces.

What maintenance items does the machining center have regularly?

  • 1. Check the lubrication system, the status of the pressure gauge, clean the filter screen of the lubrication system, replace the lubricating oil, and clear the oil circuit
  • 2. Check the air circuit system, clean the air filter, and eliminate the leakage of pressure gas.
  • 3. Check the fluid system, clean the filter, clean the oil tank, and replace or filter the oil. If possible, replace the seal.
  • 4. Tighten the transmission components and replace the defective standard parts.
  • 5. Grease the parts, add grease as required
  • 6. Clean and wash the transmission surfaces,
  • 7. Check the status of the tool magazine and manipulator, analyze the wear state of the manipulator, and propose replacement suggestions to the customer.
  • 8. Repair and repair damaged parts of external components.
  • 9. Check the status of the protective cover. Accurately feed back information to customers. Bright body comes with charging connector, can be customized according to different models
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