Mastercam precision cnc machining

Changing the shape of the tool, increasing the arc of the contact point between the tool and the material during processing, and reducing the height of the remaining ridges during finishing, can greatly reduce the number and density of tool paths required in the finishing area, which also greatly reduces the processing Time improves production efficiency.

But a new problem is coming again: the shape of the effective machining arc on such large arc milling cutters is complex, and the corresponding compensation must be based on the complex shape of the tool in the tool path, so that the large arc of the tool can be accurately fitted The cnc machining china position meets the requirements of surface quality in finishing. How should such a tool path be programmed?

This requires programming support of CAM software. Mastercam started to cooperate with tool manufacturers at the stage when the concept of arc-shaped tool was just put forward, and deeply participated in the development process of arc-shaped tool. In 2016, the support of large arc tools was added to Mastercam. And in the subsequent release of Mastercam 2018, officially launched the CAM programming solution for this new finishing concept: Accelerated Finishing? Superstring finishing technology.

Mastercam’s Accelerated Finishing TM superstring finishing technology is a programming solution for efficient finishing using arc tools. For large arc tools of various shapes, based on the shape of the tool, a special tool path algorithm can be used to dynamically compensate the tool contact points during the machining process, and the shape of the arc tool can be fully utilized for high-precision and efficient finishing.

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