Matters needing attention in CNC machining and clamping tools

  • 1) The tool must be clamped firmly, not too short in the handle.
  • 2) Before each cable cutter, check whether the cutter meets the requirements. The length of the cable cutter should be determined according to the processing depth indicated in the program sheet. Generally, it should be slightly longer than the processing depth value of 2mm and consider whether the tool holder collides.
  • 3) In case of deep processing depth, you can communicate with the programmer, and use the method of two cable cutters as appropriate, that is, first obtain half to 2/3 of the length, and then obtain a longer length when processing to a deeper position. This can increase processing efficiency.
  • 4) When using the extended cable nozzle, you should especially understand the data such as the lower knife depth and the required knife length.
  • 5) Before the cutter head is installed on the machine, the taper matching position should be cleaned with a cleaning cloth, and the corresponding position of the machine tool sleeve is also clean, to avoid iron chips on the matching surface that affect the accuracy and damage the machine tool.
  • 6) Normally, the tool length of the tool tip is used for the tool length (in the case of tool setting in the tool), and the program instruction should be carefully checked when the tool is set.
  • 7) When the program is interrupted or the tool is re-set again, pay attention to whether the depth can be connected with the front. In general, it can be adjusted up by 0.1mm, and then adjusted according to the situation.
  • 8) Rotating retractable cutter heads, if using water-soluble cutting fluid, should be immersed in lubricating oil for several hours every half month for maintenance, so that the internal parts of the cutter head can be lubricated and not worn.
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