Matters needing attention in the custom mold machining center

  • 1. When operating the planer, do not extend the head and hands to the front of the vehicle for inspection, and do not use cotton thread to clean the workpiece and rotating machine parts. Workpieces should not be measured when the head of the vehicle is stable.
  • 2.Operating mechanism, automatic stop device, brake clutch are normal. 2. Operate the press and check the cracked mold before the lubrication system is locked or lack of oil.
  • 3. It is strictly forbidden to place objects such as hands and tools in the hazardous area. Special tools must be used to operate small parts. When the mold is stuck in the target, only use the tool to release it.
  • 4. Every time the workpiece is completed, the hand or foot should be away from the button or pedal to prevent malfunction. When two or more people are operating, someone should drive and pay attention to coordination.
  •  5. When operating the drill, gloves are not allowed, the girl must wear a hard hat, and must complete the protective cover.
  • 6. When drilling, it must be placed on the bottom surface of the workpiece, and it must be replaced with manual feed when approaching the drilling.
  • 7. When operating the lathe, the workpiece must be firmly clamped, and the chuck must be moved by hand to ensure that there is no collision before driving.
  • 8. No movement is allowed during axis operation. When the tool does not leave the workpiece, it cannot suddenly change direction and use the reverse brake.
  • 9. When operating the router, when changing and measuring the workpiece, you must stop the upper and lower workpieces, tools, settings, etc.
  •  10. When cutting, the head hand should not be close to the milling surface. When disassembling the workpiece, the tool must be removed.
  • 11. When operating the grinder, the front of the wheel cannot stand, and must stand on the side of the wheel.
  • 12. When loading and unloading workpieces, the wheels must be retracted to a safe position to prevent grinding.

Mold processing considerations:

  • 1. Process preparation, detailed and concise expression, as much as possible to deal with the numerical expression of the content;
  •  2. To deal with key points, special emphasis should be placed on the process;
  • 3. Need to deal with the combination, the process is clearly expressed;
  • 4 Insert, should be handled separately, pay attention to the requirements of process accuracy;
  •  5. After the combined processing, the inserted parts will be processed separately, and the reference requirements are processed separately from the installation process in the combined processing;
  • 6. The spring is most susceptible to damage during mold processing, so choose a mold spring with long life fatigue.
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