Matters needing attention when buying a vertical machining center

How to choose a vertical machining center depends on your situation and requirements. For example, do you need new or used equipment to meet your daily processing needs? What is your capital budget? What kind of order is handled in peacetime? Which are the most qualified or commonly used processes, and so on.After determining the type of device configuration you need, you can view all aspects of performance.

1.Spindle unit.

The spindle unit is the bridge between the tool and the workpiece and is a key component of the entire plant. The contact between the tool and the workpiece is the biggest guarantee for precision machining. The price of the spindle unit usually depends on two points, one is the speed of the computer, and the other is the cooling method.Turn left|Turn right

2. CNC system

The CNC system is the head of the machining center and the headquarters of the machining center. It can be said that the CNC system is the core component of the larger price gap. The price of imported CNC system is higher, and the national CNC system is cheaper. Currently, the import system on the market is FANUC, and Mitsubishi and Siemens are relatively common. Domestic systems, such as Huazhong CNC, and Guangzhou Kai Beijing Endi are good choices. Turn left|Turn right

3. Tool magazine.

The tool magazine is part of the milling and cutting operations used to process the centrally stored tools, which directly drill the workpiece. This tool is the executor of all instructions in the machining center. Magazines commonly used tools are divided into magazines and magazines. The current price difference of the tool magazine is reflected in the number of tools and the speed of tool replacement. The tool magazine is equipped with a robot and can be used to complete the tool change in about three seconds. It is also called a magazine robot and is more expensive than loading bucket tools.Turn left|Turn right

In addition, we must pay attention to protect the external diameter of cables, bearings, etc.

I am completely handwritten, I hope I can help you.If you want to use it effectively.
Several main points of selection:

  1. Accuracy, including positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, is very important;
  2. Spindle motor, including maximum speed, 30 minutes and continuous maximum power and maximum torque;
  3. Rapid traverse speed and feed speed as well as screw and track forms;
  4. Range of machining stroke, maximum load bearing and maximum number of tools, etc.
    The last thing is to see if the brand can keep up with the local after-sales. No matter the machine tool of Duoxu X, there is a bad day! Timely after-sales can reduce downtime and minimize losses!
    Comparing the samples of various machine tool manufacturers, the quality is all out.
    As for the recommendation, it depends on your budget! Different brands have different prices.
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