Matters needing attention when choosing cast iron T-slot platform

  • 1. The drawing design of the cast iron T-slot platform should be designed according to customer needs, according to the national standard GB/T 22095-2008 of the cast iron T-slot platform, which mainly includes the external dimensions, load bearing size, working surface T-slot size, working surface accuracy, etc. , The larger the overall size, the higher the overall height of the cast iron T-slot platform. For example, the T-slot platform of 2000mm×4000mm, the T-slot opening is 36mm (using M30 fastening bolts), the T-slot spacing is 250mm, and the load is 20 tons The total height can be designed as follows: 300mm, working face thickness 100mm, stiffener plate thickness 30mm, stiffener plate including 50mm×50mm turning edge, inner height 150mm-170mm; T-slot platform overall weight 7.5-8 tons.
  • 2. The rough casting of T-slot platform is divided into resin sand molding and cement sand molding. At present, these two molding methods are generally used for large castings. They are both lost foam casting. Generally, large batches have relatively small castings. , Resin sand molding is mostly used for large-scale machine tool castings and high-end T-slot platform casting, the price is higher than the cement sand molding castings, 80% of the T-groove platform uses cement sand molding for casting, so that it can meet T The requirements of the technical parameters of the groove platform can also reduce the manufacturing cost of the platform, which is the process used by most manufacturers when manufacturing cast iron platforms. Platform castings must comply with the national standard GB/T9439-2010.
  • 3. The material of the T-slot platform is generally HT200 or HT250. These two materials account for more than 98% of the material of the cast iron platform. It can meet the requirements of customers and is relatively inexpensive. Whether it is the tensile strength of the T-slot platform The force, hardness and wear resistance can meet the requirements.
  • 4. The heat treatment of the T-slot platform is the basis to ensure that the flatness is not deformed. The quality of the T-slot platform is good or bad. Whether the heat treatment is qualified is one of the key parameters for inspecting the quality of the T-slot platform. GB/T5614-1985, regardless of time and temperature, must comply with national standards.
  • 5. The working surface of the T-slot platform is designed according to customer needs. The precision of the working surface of the general cast iron T-slot platform is not high and full. The accuracy of the working surface refers to the national standard GB/T 22095-2008 of the welding platform.
  • 6. The size of the cast iron T-slot platform T-slot is designed according to customer needs. When the workpiece to be fixed is large and heavy, the T-slot opening is larger, in other words, the larger the bolt used to fix the workpiece On the contrary, the smaller the distance between the T-slots is designed according to the needs of customers. The technical parameters of the T-slots are designed and processed according to the national standard GB/T158-1996. DIN650-1985 German standard design.
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