Mechanical Analysis Causes Of CNC Machine Tools Dimensional Instability

  • 1. The connection between the servo motor shaft and the lead screw is loose, causing the lead screw and the motor to be out of sync, resulting in dimensional errors. When testing a CNC machine tool, you only need to make a mark on the coupling between the servo motor and the lead screw, and move the worktable (or tool post) back and forth with a faster override. Due to the inertia of the worktable (or turret), the CNC Obvious relative movement occurred at both ends of the machine tool coupling. This type of fault is usually manifested as the processing size changes in only one direction, and it can be eliminated only by evenly tightening the coupling screws.
  • 2. Poor lubrication between the ball screw and the nut of the CNC machine tool increases the movement resistance of the worktable (or the tool post) and cannot completely execute the movement command accurately. Such failures are usually manifested as irregular changes in the size of the parts within a few wires, and the failure can be eliminated only by improving the lubrication.
  • 3. Excessive movement resistance of CNC machine tool worktable (or tool holder) is generally caused by too tight adjustment of the inserts and poor lubrication of the machine tool rail surface. This failure phenomenon is generally manifested as irregular changes in the size of parts within a few wires. The inspection can be carried out by observing the size and change of the position deviation of DGN800-804. Usually, the difference is large when the forward and reverse directions are stationary. Such failures only need to re-adjust the molding and improve the lubrication of the guide rail.
  • 4. The rolling bearings of CNC machine tools are worn or adjusted improperly, resulting in excessive movement resistance. This fault phenomenon is also usually manifested as an irregular change in size within a few threads. The inspection can be carried out by the position deviation of DGN800-804, the method is the same as above. Such failures only need to replace the worn bearings and carefully adjust, the failure can be eliminated.
  • 5. The screw gap or gap compensation amount of CNC machine tools is improper, and the fault can be eliminated by adjusting the gap or changing the gap compensation value
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