Molding temperature and plating

Plastic molds have poor fluidity of PC/ABS materials at lower injection temperatures, and the injection molded products have greater internal stress. The stress is released during the coarsening process, and the product is not uniformly etched, which leads to poor electroplating appearance and electroplating bonding. When poor conditions occur, PTJ Plastic Mould Factory will teach you a lesson-molding temperature and electroplating.

The higher injection temperature of the plastic mold needs to reduce the residual internal stress of the product, thereby improving the electroplating performance of the material. According to the effective data of PTJ, compared with the product with an injection temperature of 230°, the coating bonding strength is increased by about 50% when the temperature is increased to 260°~270°, and the surface appearance defect rate is also effectively reduced.

In addition, the plastic mold factory needs to pay attention to the temperature not too high, if the pyrolysis temperature of the material is exceeded, the appearance of the injection product surface will be poor and its electroplating performance will be affected.

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