Normative knowledge of automated part processing

  • 1. Strict inspection criteria are established in the process of automated parts processing and production. The first stamping parts must be checked. Only after passing the inspection can the products be put into production. The inspections should be strengthened together and dealt with in time when an accident occurs.
  • 2, adhere to the civilized production guidelines, such as the transfer of workpieces and blanks must use appropriate station equipment, otherwise it will crush and scratch the appearance of the workpiece and affect the appearance of the workpiece.
  • 3. Automatic parts processing During the stamping process, it is necessary to ensure the cleanness of the mold cavity, and the orderly processed workpieces to be packed in the workplace should be placed neatly.
  • 4, the original materials are in accordance with the technical conditions of the rules (strictly check the standards and grades of the original materials, and test the workpieces with high dimensional accuracy and appearance quality requirements under conditions.
  • 5. Strictly abide by all links in the process regulations.
  • 6, the stamping equipment used in automatic parts processing must ensure normal operation without abnormal conditions.
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