Online Cnc Programming Method

In the development of CNC technology, various programming methods have also been developed. In summary, there are manual programming and computer-aided programming methods, each of which has its own scope of application.

Which programming method should be used under different conditions, usually according to the complexity of the shape of the processed part, the difficulty of numerical calculation and the amount of work, the existing equipment (computer, CNC language system, etc.), time and cost, etc. Consider, weigh and compare to determine.

Generally speaking, the time and cost for manual programming of parts with simple shapes, such as point machining or linear cutting  cnc machining parts, is not much different from the time and cost for computer-aided programming. Suitable. When the shape of the parts to be processed is more complex, such as complex cam profiles or blades, propellers and other complex spatial curved surfaces, if machine-assisted programming is not used, not only the programming time and cost are unreasonable, but sometimes even manual programming methods can not be completed.

We know that there are many methods of computer-aided programming. As far as the realization of machine-assisted programming in numerical control languages ​​is concerned, there are also many kinds of numerical control languages. Due to differences in the types of controllers to be programmed, the functions and ease of use of the CNC language system, the types and performance of the computers used, hardware and software costs, and maintenance and personnel training, there is also a selection issue. Before selection, the specific conditions of the unit should be reviewed first, including personnel conditions, existing computers and other equipment and occupancy possibilities, the application and development prospects of the unit’s numerical control technology, and collaboration with local and foreign computing centers. It is usually a cheap, applicable and easy-to-use numerical control language system for programmers.

It should be pointed out that the modern CNC controller not only has the storage capacity of part processing programs, but also provides the editing capability of part programs, allowing programmers to directly edit and modify programs using the keyboard on the operation panel. A new processing program is also easy Enter through the keyboard. This type of control machine generally has a paper tape punching machine interface, so that the punched output modified or newly input processing program paper tape is used for filing and storage, and a hole-punched program can be read at any time by a series of photoelectric readers. Into. Therefore, programmers can program both in the production preparation department and on the machine tool. Since online programming usually has to be performed when the machine tool is stopped, another CNC system for online programming has been developed, so that it does not interrupt the work of the machine tool during programming, and can be programmed beside the machine tool.

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