Online measurement of CNC machining

Currently, manufacturers around the world continue to pay attention to online measurement, because real-time measurement on the machining center can greatly improve production efficiency.

The online measurement software used in the CNC machining center allows manufacturers to easily generate real measurement and inspection programs to complete equipment setup, process inspection or on-machine inspection tasks. PC-DMISNC is currently used by various CNC machining centers: vertical grinders, horizontal grinders, lathes and multi-function machining centers.

Perhaps the biggest barrier for online measurement using a machining center is that it is difficult to generate meaningful data collection and feedback using traditional G or M codes.

With the advent of true online measurement software, all obstacles have disappeared. These products allow programmers to use a single software platform to develop testing programs suitable for different machining centers, which can generate testing programs to complete the setting and testing tasks of workpieces in a short time.

At present, more and more manufacturers in the world are considering adopting online measurement solutions, and selecting appropriate online measurement software systems, which are intended to be integrated into the manufacturing process. The main reasons are:

Advantages of online measurement

The real online measurement software, unlike the detection device provided by the machining center manufacturer, allows users to perform powerful alignment, data collection, analysis, and reporting functions without moving the workpiece to the measuring machine. The main features of the online measurement software include:

CAD-based programming. Provides a fast programming function, which can automatically evaluate the key geometric features of the workpiece, align the workpiece and calculate the machining and tool offsets. For this type of online measurement work, the software allows the import of models of machine tools and workpieces, so that the measurement work can be simulated in the machining space and automatically generate part inspection programs. In addition, users can perform programming tasks offline, saving time spent on machining program development in machining centers.

Accurate probe machining method. Many NC machining center detection system calibration procedures can only provide a single-axis detection system calibration method, which increases the error of the probe and makes it difficult to perform fast and accurate workpiece detection in a three-dimensional state. The real measurement software uses a standard ball to calibrate the probe, which can complete the measurement task more accurately. At the same time, the metrology software can also index the measuring base and can measure at any position in three-dimensional space.

Parameter programming. Using true metrology software, users can compile new procedures from existing measurement procedures. This is especially effective for programming a group of workpiece detection programs, as long as the values ​​are replaced in a parameter table. In this way, the program is written once, and the detection program can be generated for similar workpieces with minimum effort.

Integrate statistics and reporting functions. The real measurement software package can provide statistics and reporting functions, powerful, flexible, easy to understand and distribute. Users of online measurement software can obtain these functions by definition. In this way, users are given immediate and instructive feedback to guide the production process and provide statistical analysis tools to monitor and improve the performance of the manufacturing process. Then, you can use this function to adjust the machining program based on the measurement results.

Data history. The user can use the detection program to store the measurement data. This means that users can use these data to analyze the problem of the workpiece or the characteristics of the workpiece. For example, if repeated problems occur, users can query through historical data without having to re-measure anything. This historical data analysis function can significantly shorten the time spent solving problems.

Proven algorithm. The measurement algorithm can ensure that the measuring machine accurately collects and analyzes the data.

Two online measurement methods

Based on the needs of a specific end user, the developer of the measurement software can use one of the two methods to perform the measurement on the machining center. The first one is based on batches, and it does not affect machining while using computers for evaluation and analysis. The user generates the measurement programs through offline programming, and then the specific post processor of the machining center converts these programs into G and M codes to realize the driving of the probe and the acquisition of data. During the detection process, the measurement data is sent back to an evaluation engine for analysis and reporting. In view of this structure, the measurement system based on SERVER can use a single network to collect and analyze data from various CNC machining centers.

Another method is to run the online metrology software on a computer independent of the controller of the CNC machining center (once developed offline). Using this method, the computer undertakes all control, data acquisition and analysis tasks in the measurement. Under this method, the operator can use the probe on the machining center to complete the measurement task similar to that on the coordinate measuring machine. The disadvantage is that the machining center cannot perform cutting operations while the metrology software is running.

The representatives of these two online measurement methods are the PC-DMISNCSERVER or PC-DMISNCI (interactive) software of WILCOXASSOCIATES. PC-DMISNCSERVER firstly provides that putting the software on the server can maximize the machining time of the machine tool. In this case, the measurement does not occupy a prominent position, and provides the end user with the convenience of using a set of software on multiple machining centers Sex.

WILCOX launched interactive software two years later to meet users who need to be able to quickly and automatically adjust based on online measurement results (using workpiece or fixture alignment, reasonable program branches, related measurements, etc.). In any case, users can obtain fast and perfect measurement results, which can save a lot of time and money compared with traditional methods.

Widely adopted in the global field

Globally, PC-DMISNC two types of measurement methods are widely used by users around the world, covering industries including aerospace manufacturing, aero engine components, automobiles, blade manufacturing, molds and other industries.

The maximum driving force for PC-DMISNC installation also lies in the machining and measurement tasks of large-sized workpieces in the aerospace field. The software can significantly improve the efficiency of machining, and can achieve precise positioning of machining. Providing measurement data in real time can reduce the burden of ultra-high-precision measuring machines to complete large-scale measurement tasks, thereby improving the efficiency of the overall enterprise without affecting the quality of parts.

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