Precautions for maintenance of CNC drilling machine

After the CNC drilling machine is discontinued, all the iron filings of the small CNC drilling machine must be cleaned and cleaned, and all parts of the machine cover should be wiped clean, and the parts should be returned. The headbox of the CNC drilling machine with good quality should be adjusted in place, and the oil quality should be well reflected. The above is the relevant introduction to the matters needing attention in the operation of the small CNC drilling machine. I hope everyone can understand it. The following is a detailed introduction of the maintenance precautions of the CNC drilling machine?

1. Pay attention to close the protective sliding door

The closed sliding door should be closed during the automatic cycle processing of the CNC drilling machine. When the main shaft rotates and the manual operation needs to be stopped, the body and clothing must be kept away from the rotating and moving parts to prevent the clothing from being involved in the incident. The work piece should be clamped firmly to prevent the work piece from flying out and constituting an accident. After the CNC drilling machine is energized, stop the machine zero operation first.

2. Pay attention to the coordinated operation of machine motion workers

The loading operation of the spindle of the CNC drilling machine or the turret tool magazine must be stopped when the machine motion is stopped, and pay attention to the cooperation with the collaborating personnel to prevent accidents on the small CNC drilling machine. During manual or automatic tool change, pay attention to the installation orientation of the turret, tool magazine, robot arm and tool, etc. Keep the body and head away from the reverse position of the tool to prevent bumps. For processing two-end CNC drilling and milling machines, you should also pay attention to check the correspondence between the tool magazine tool set number and tool number to prevent the tool magazine tool number disorder from forming a tool change and machining collision.

3. Pay attention to the correct detection link

Carefully check the sequence of CNC drilling machine, parameter setting, sequence of actions, tool dry, workpiece clamping, switch maintenance and other links are correct, to prevent the formation of troubles, damage to tools and related parts during the cyclic processing of small CNC drilling machines. Strictly stop trial cutting and tool setting according to the operation process, and after the commissioning of the small CNC drilling machine, it is necessary to perform sequential maintenance operations.

All in all, the reputable CNC drilling machine should not only pay attention to its working efficiency, but also to know that the performance of small CNC drilling machine’s working efficiency is a combination of many aspects, such as the operation process. After that, the small-scale CNC drilling machine was stopped for trial operation, and if no results were shown, it was possible to start working. Before operating the small CNC drilling machine, it is necessary to wipe the dust of the exposed guide surface and sliding surface of the machine cover clean, and to stop the smoothness of each part according to the rules of the small CNC drilling machine, and reflect on the status of each handle.

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