Precautions for operation of ordinary lathe

  • (1) Normal lathes are not allowed to open electrical cabinets during normal operation to prevent accidents.
  • (2) The operation steps of turning on and turning off the ordinary lathe shall be in accordance with the given regulations.
  • (3) Before starting the machine, check whether the lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic, cutting fluid, power supply and electronic circuits are normal.
  1. The general steps of ordinary lathe operation:

Before the china cnc machining of ordinary lathes, the workpiece blank pressing plate, fixtures and other clamping tools must be prepared, and then follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the Dingzuo hydraulic pump and adjust the nozzle flow to make it suitable for this cutting.
  2. Clean the work surface to prevent the lathes or small pieces from being scratched after the last operation of cutting is not cleaned, the workpiece is correctly clamped, and the working plane is corrected.
  3. Establish a lathe coordinate system, change tools, and perform tool setting.
  4. Check whether the operation of each system of the ordinary lathe is normal.
  5. Check whether the system of oil pressure, air pressure, switch, electrical, etc. is normal, then turn on the main power switch, start the lathe, operate each coordinate axis of the lathe to return to the reference point of the ordinary lathe, and follow the normal operation of the ordinary lathe without error.
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