Process knowledge of precision metal processing

  1. Precise metal processing applies a positive pressure on the front of the workpiece (for example, air blowing method), or a low-pressure chamber is installed on the part of the workpiece, which can help clear the vaporization data and increase the discharge of the liquid phase . After the pulse is completed, the melt is uncontrollably re-dispersed, which affects the size and shape of the hole. The surface quality of the processed hole (such as a layer of molten metal on the inner wall of the hole) The thickness of the “recast layer” is effectively reduced), and metal vapor can be prevented from condensing on the lens.
  2. Precision metal processing uses liquid thick film or metal aluminum foil to cover the workpiece, which can reduce the taper of the hole and avoid liquid phase splash. For example, oil can reduce the accumulation of melt at the entrance and exit of the hole, and silicone oil can reduce the taper of the hole.
  3. In order to avoid the accumulation of melt in the hole in time, the substance whose vaporization temperature is lower than the melting temperature of the processed material can be placed behind the processed workpiece. Currently used are wax, glycerin, snow melting oil, etc.
  4. Precise hardware processing Workpieces with high reflectance and transmittance can be properly processed before processing, for example, roughening or blackening, to increase the absorption rate of the laser. Use some additional process measures.
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