Process review of parts

(1) Analysis of completeness and correctness of part drawings

The view of the part should meet the requirements of the standard, the position is accurate, and the expression is clear; the relationship between the geometric elements (points, lines, and surfaces) (such as tangent, intersection, and parallel) should be accurate; the dimensioning should be complete and clear.

(2) Analysis of parts technical requirements

The technical requirements of the parts mainly include dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, position accuracy, surface roughness and heat meter processing requirements. These technical requirements should be able to guarantee the performance of the parts. The analysis of the technical requirements of parts is mainly to analyze the rationality of these technical requirements and the possibility of realization, analyze the processing accuracy and technical requirements of important surfaces and parts, and prepare for the formulation of reasonable processing programs. At the same time, through analysis to determine whether the technical requirements are too strict, because too high accuracy and too small surface roughness requirements will make the process complicated, the processing difficulty increases, and increase unnecessary costs.

(3) Analysis of dimensioning method

Part drawing dimensioning methods include local distributed labeling method, centralized labeling method and coordinate labeling method. For the parts processed on the CNC machine tool, on the premise of ensuring the use performance, the size of the part drawing should be concentrated or marked on the same basis (ie, the coordinate size), which is convenient for CNC programming. It is also conducive to the unification of design basis, process basis and programming origin.

(4) Part material analysis

Under the premise of satisfying the function of the parts, cheap materials should be selected, and the materials should be based on domestic, and do not choose expensive and scarce materials easily.

(5) Analysis of the structure of parts

The structural manufacturability of the parts refers to the feasibility and economy of the designed parts, which can be manufactured under the premise of meeting the performance requirements.

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