Processing technology of precision parts machining surface

  • 1. Polishing: It is called polishing. But it also has a deburring effect.
  • 2. Sand blasting: glass sand, tungsten sand, etc., showing different feelings. Similar to the rough texture of frosted glass, the fine sand mold can also show the product. The use of masks together can create local blasting effects, such as worm-like shapes, regular rectangles, and other irregular rectangles.
  • 3. Electroplating: It is more common, and there is a plating process after polishing
  • 4. Turning: It is the processing method of processing again after the mold is formed, and the texture is processed using a lathe. Adults show very regular texture features.
  • 5. Wipe pattern: there is called drawing. The performance is similar to the car pattern, all of which are continuous textures that form the circulation. The difference is that the car pattern is expressed as a ring texture, and the wipe pattern is expressed as a straight line.
  • 6. Approval of flowers: We often see some metal nameplates. The products on the above may be skewed or straight with silk stripes.
  • 7. Batch edge: Similar to polishing and electroplating, but the processing method is different and the function is different. The processing method is mechanical processing, showing a very bright light effect
  • 8. Oxidation (coloring): Oxidation has two aspects: enhancing physical characteristics; being able to achieve coloring purpose.
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