Protection and repair process of large-scale gantry milling

Repair of large-scale gantry cnc machining sand holes, etc. and chemical corrosion protection and repair of various chemical storage tanks, reaction tanks and pipelines.

  • 1. Roast the scratched parts with oxygen-acetylene flame (control the temperature, avoid surface annealing), roast the oil on the surface of the metal that has been permeating for years, until there is no sparking.
  • 2. The surface of the scratch is treated with an angle grinder, the depth of sanding is more than 1 mm, and the groove is polished along the guide rail, preferably a dovetail groove (see figure). Drill holes at both ends to deepen and change the force.
  • 3. Clean the surface with absorbent cotton dipped in acetone or absolute ethanol.
  • 4. Apply the harmonized and uniform 2211F to the scratched surface; the first layer should be thin, evenly and completely cover the scratched surface to ensure the best adhesion of the material to the metal surface, and then apply the material to the entire repair site repeatedly Press to ensure that the material is filled and reaches the required thickness so that it is slightly higher than the surface of the guide rail.
  • 5. It takes 24 hours for the material to fully achieve all properties at 24oC. In order to save time, the temperature can be increased by halogen tungsten lamps. For every 11oC temperature increase, the curing time will be shortened by half. The optimal curing temperature is 70oC.
  • 6. After the material is cured, use a fine grinding stone or scraper to repair the machining material above the surface of the guide rail, and the construction is completed.
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