Quotation standard for CNC machining center!

The price specification of CNC machine tools, here does not refer to the price of CNC machine tools and CNC lathes. It just means that in the machinery manufacturing industry, CNC numerical control machine tools regulate the cnc machining price of precision parts. Look at the prices of frequently touched mechanical parts based on the machining process, or are there other cost calculation methods?

Cnc Machining Price Specification For CNC Machine Tools

CNC CNC machine tools belong to CNC lathes and CNC lathes, and technicians use program programming to command the production and processing flow. In the production and processing of CNC lathes, CNC CNC machine tools are high-precision machines with high precision in production and manufacturing, and the productivity is 3-5 times that of general CNC lathes. The machining cost specification is based on the following levels:

  • 1. Which raw materials, raw material prices.
  • 2. The production process of mechanical parts processing (precision production and processing regulations).
  • 3. How much is the total amount of production and processing (two-piece production and processing, mass-production production and processing or mass-production processing).
  • 4. There are two steps in the production and processing process to determine the processing time of the parts (calculated by the hour).
  • 5. Does the parts have to be metal surface treated? Does the report include income tax and transportation fees?Applying the left and right mechanical parts processing regulations, the cost of CNC machining parts can be comprehensively carried forward, that is to say, the processing costs of parts. Such as machining and manufacturingThe manufacturer’s carry-over method is different, and the price will also be different.
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