Reasonable maintenance and use of vertical milling machine

  • 1. As long as the tool permits, high-speed cutting should be used as much as possible, generally improving production efficiency and giving full play to the efficiency of the machine tool and tool.
  • 2. When milling cast iron with an end mill, when the hardness of the cast iron is within the range of HBI43-229, it should not exceed the following maximum cutting range: milling cutter diameter 200 mm, number of teeth 10, spindle speed 60 rpm, feed 235 mm/min , Cutting width 150 mm, cutting depth 9-10 mm, power 7-9 kW.
  • 3. When milling steel with an end mill, the carbon content of the steel is 0.45%, and the tensile strength limit of 60 MPa should not exceed the following maximum cutting range: milling cutter diameter 100 mm, number of teeth 4, spindle speed 750 rpm, feed The amount is 750 mm/min, the cutting width is 50 mm, and the cutting depth is 4 mm. Power 10-12 kW.
  • 4. When cutting at the lowest four speeds, the power of the main motor should not exceed 8-9 kW. At full speed, Yu net uses all the power. At high speed, it can be overloaded for 25% of the rated power for a short time.
  • 5. In the milling work, the working section of the longitudinal screw of the table on the length of the milling cutter wears out faster, so it is recommended to use the full length. If the required stroke of the processed part is very short, the working part of the screw should be replaced frequently , As much as possible to make it wear evenly. Vertical milling machine
  • 6. The maximum horizontal drag of the workbench is 2000 kg.
  • 7. Regularly clean the lubricating oil pool in the base of the lifting platform inside the bed, and use gasoline to clean the oil filter of the lubricating oil pump, no less than twice a year.
  • 8. The clean engine oil used as shown in the lubrication chart is regularly lubricated.
  • 9. Regularly check the amount of oil in the lubricating oil pool. When the oil level is lower than the mark, make up in time. The lubricating oil used is n46 mechanical oil.
  • 10. Check the working conditions of the plunger oil pump in the bed and the lifting table every shift. The pressure lubrication indicator is installed on the left side of the bed and on the outer wall of the feed gearbox on the left side of the lifting table. When the cnc machine china tool is running If no oil flows out of the middle indicator, it should be repaired in time.
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