Reasons and solutions for machine tools unstable machining

The moving resistance of the machine tool table (or tool post) of the horizontal machining center is too large, which is generally caused by the excessive adjustment of the inserts and the poor lubrication of the machine tool rail surface. This failure phenomenon is generally manifested as irregular changes in the size of parts within a few wires. The inspection can be carried out by observing the size and change of the position deviation of DGN800-804. Usually, the difference is large when the forward and reverse directions are stationary. Such failures only need to re-adjust the molding and improve the lubrication of the guide rail. The rolling bearings of the horizontal machining center are worn or adjusted improperly, resulting in excessive movement resistance. This fault phenomenon is also usually manifested as an irregular change in size within a few threads. The inspection can be carried out by the position deviation of DGN800-804, the method is the same as above. Such failures only need to replace the worn bearings and carefully adjust, the failure can be eliminated. The screw gap or gap compensation amount of horizontal machining center is improper, and the fault can be eliminated by adjusting the gap or changing the gap compensation value

In order to facilitate the processing, the modeling problems encountered by the students in the learning process are generally carried out based on a given physical model, and rarely start directly from the actual controlled object. Another problem often encountered in the mathematical model modeling of the horizontal machining center control system is the linearization problem. Strictly speaking, actual physical systems are all linear systems, but the degree of nonlinearity is different. However, many systems can be approximated as linear systems under certain conditions. Linear systems have secondary and superimposability, which can greatly simplify the design and analysis of the system.

The flexible CNC manipulator uses cylinders and motors to switch and drive positioning and clamping modules. A set of horizontal cnc machining center manipulators can complete different types of workpiece handling tasks. The clamping and positioning module can be designed in series according to the product quality and the size of the shape. The clamping and positioning module on the CNC lathe manipulator is installed in the same way. For different series of workpieces, you only need to switch the corresponding clamping and positioning module to meet the requirements of fast The need for switching. In this way, when processing different kinds of workpieces, it can be realized only by changing the clamping module, which improves the flexibility of the horizontal machining center manipulator.

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