Reasons and solutions for precision parts turning and twisting

Reasons and solutions for turning and twisting of precision parts

  • 1. It is caused by the burrs of punched parts during punching. Need to study the cutting edge, and pay attention to check whether the blanking gap is reasonable.
  • 2. The blanking and twisting deformation of the punched parts have occurred during punching, resulting in poor forming after bending, which needs to be resolved from the blanking station.
  • 3. It is caused by the instability of stamping parts during bending. Mainly for U-shaped and V-shaped bending. The treatment of this problem, the guide position before the bending of the stamped part, the guide position during the bending process, and the pressing of the material during the bending process to prevent the stamping part from slipping during bending are the points to solve the problem.
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