Six Methods Of Elbow Processing

  • 1. Stamping method: Use a tapered core to expand the pipe end to the required size and shape on the punching machine.
  • 2. Roller method: place the core in the tube, and push the outer periphery with a roller to process the round edge.
  • 3. Bulging method: one is to place rubber in the tube and compress it with a punch above to make the tube protruding and forming; another method is hydraulic bulging forming, filling the middle of the tube with liquid, and the pressure of the tube bulges the tube to the required Shape, bellows production is mostly used in this method.
  • 4. Rolling method: generally no mandrel is needed, suitable for the inner round edge of the thick-walled tube.
  • 5. Forging method: the end or part of the pipe is punched out with a swaging machine to reduce the outer diameter of the pipe. Common swaging machines include rotary, connecting rod and roller type.
  • 6. Bending forming method: There are three methods commonly used, one method is stretching method, the other method is stamping method, the third roller method, there are 3-4 rollers, two fixed rollers, one adjustment roller, adjustment With a fixed roller pitch, the finished pipe is bent.

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