Solutions for the efficient use of vertical milling cutters in machining centers

Vertical milling cutters are the most frequently used tools in CNC machining centers. The end and surface of vertical milling cutters have cutting edges. The laser cutting edges of vertical milling cutters generally consist of 2-6 pieces, which are divided into blade diameter, shank diameter, blade length, Handle composition.

Machining center milling cutter

Application of the number of edges of vertical milling cutters and different machining procedures

2 blades are suitable for groove machining; 4 blades are suitable for side cutting; ball end milling cutter is recommended for hole machining without center; ball end milling cutter is also suitable for profiling machining.

Milling cutter machining principle

At present, the spindle speed of the machining center is getting faster and faster, the machining capacity is getting stronger and stronger, and the requirements for high-speed machining on the vertical milling cutter are increasing. Vertical milling cutters need longer service life, wear resistance and high toughness. Vertical milling cutters need more stable cutting, higher machining accuracy and faster machining speed. Also reduce the overall machining cost. In the context of increasing environmental protection efforts, the sea should reflect its environmental protection.

Coating of milling cutter

In view of the current machining conditions, the requirements for milling cutters are getting higher and higher, and the milling cutters of CNC machining centers must be coated. The purpose of coating is to improve the performance of the three aspects of the milling cutter.

First, improve wear resistance. Improve the surface hardness of the tool to prevent wear. Second, improve anti-sticking properties. Prevent the dissolution and sticking of the tool and the material. Third, reduce the friction coefficient of the tool. Reduce the heat generated by the friction between the tool and the material at high speed.

For vertical milling cutters to achieve high-efficiency machining, machining centers need to provide perfect cutting conditions. For equipment, it is necessary to provide a reasonable degree of newness and oldness, rigidity, rotation speed, feed rate and correct programming to meet machining requirements. The jacket must have a high rigidity holding force to ensure the beating accuracy and dynamic balance, and ensure a good clamping performance. The vertical cnc milling cutter itself must also have strong rigidity, cutting resistance, chipping wear resistance, wear resistance and cutting machining.

Machining center equipment, fixtures, and vertical milling cutters cooperate with each other to play their biggest role to achieve the most efficient CNC machining.

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