Spark machine: the future development trend of plastic mold manufacturing technology

The development of plastic mold technology should be adapted to the requirements of mold products “short delivery time”, “high precision”, “good quality” and “low price” to meet this requirement. The following items are urgently needed to be developed:

  • 1. Using high-speed milling processing: The high-speed milling processing developed abroad in recent years can greatly improve the processing efficiency and obtain extremely high surface finish. In addition, it can also process high-hardness modules, with low temperature rise and small thermal deformation. The development of high-speed milling processing technology and other advantages has injected new vitality into the manufacture of large and medium cavity molds in the automotive and home appliance industries. At present, it has developed into a more agile, intelligent, and integrated direction.
  • 2. EDM milling processing technology is also called EDM creation processing technology. This is a new technology that replaces the traditional machining cavity with shaped electrode. It is a simple tubular electrode with high speed rotation for 3D or 2D contour processing. (Like CNC milling) Therefore, it is no longer necessary to manufacture complex forming electrodes. This is obviously a major development in the field of EDM machining. There are already foreign machine tools that use this technology in mold processing. It is expected that this technology will be developed.
  • 3. The use of high-quality materials and first-in-class surface treatment technology to select high-quality steel and apply corresponding surface treatment technology to improve the life of the mold is very necessary. Whether mold heat treatment and surface treatment can fully exert the performance of mold steel materials. The development direction of mold heat treatment is Vacuum heat treatment mold surface treatment is used to improve the technology of vapor deposition (TiN, TiC, etc.) and plasma spraying, which should be developed first.
  • 4. Mold grinding and polishing will have a greater impact on the quality of the mold surface and automation, intelligent mold surface life, quality of parts and other aspects of research, research automation, intelligent grinding and polishing methods to replace existing manual operations to improve the mold Surface quality is an important development trend
  • 5. The development of automatic mold processing system This is the long-term goal of China’s long-term development. The automatic mold processing system should have a reasonable combination of multiple machine tools; equipped with accompanying positioning fixtures or positioning disks; a complete machine tool and tool CNC library; a complete CNC flexibility Synchronous system; with quality monitoring and control system.
  • 6. Comprehensive promotion of CAD/CAM/CAE technology mold CAD/CAM/CAE technology is the development direction of mold design and manufacturing. With the development of computer software and the introduction of popularization of CAD/CAM/CAE technology, the conditions have basically matured, and companies will increase The strength of CAD/CAM technical training and technical services; further expanding the application scope of CAE technology The development of computers and networks is making it possible for CAD/CAM/CAE technology to be promoted across the industry, across enterprises, across institutes, and across the industry to achieve technical resources ‘S reintegration makes virtual manufacturing possible
  • 7. Mold scanning and digitizing system High-speed scanner and mold scanning system provide many functions needed from model or physical scanning to processing the desired model, which greatly shortens the mold development and cnc manufacturing cycle. Some rapid scanning systems can be quickly installed On the existing CNC milling machines and machining centers, fast data collection, automatic generation of various CNC system machining programs, and CAD data in different formats are used in the “reverse engineering” mold scanning system of the mold manufacturing industry. Vehicles, home appliances and other industries have been successfully applied, and I believe that they will play a greater role during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period.
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