The Advantages Of Laser Biting

The advantages of laser welding machine biting flowers: high welding accuracy, small heat affected area, suitable for repairing precision molds.


  • 1. The applicable diameter of the welding wire is relatively small, generally 0.2mm and 0.4mm, and it is difficult to repair the work with a larger welding repair amount. Therefore, the welding wire is more expensive and the efficiency is relatively low.
  • 2. Large volume, inconvenient to move, not suitable for on-site operation.
  • 3. The welding repair needs to be operated on the workbench, and the larger molds and workpieces cannot be operated.
  • 4. It is more convenient to repair the damage of the straight line, but for the irregular shape of the defect, it is more difficult to repair
  • 5. The heat affected area during welding is relatively large, and the probability of the workpiece easily causing (collapse, deformation, undercut, etc.) is relatively large. Especially when it is difficult to grasp the edge, there is usually a weld, or a week of welding.
  • 6. The welding repair accuracy is low, and the molds with high precision requirements can not meet the welding repair requirements.
  • 7. Many mold welding repairs require preheating and heat preservation, which are cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • 8. Require rich operating experience, welding repair in a special place.
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