The characteristics of flexible sanding grinding compared with large-scale gantry grinding and grinding

Large gantry grinding process:

  • 1: The equipment is simple. Compared with the grinding wheel grinding machine, the belt grinding machine is much simpler, mainly because the belt is light in weight, the grinding force is small, the vibration during the grinding process is small, and the rigidity and strength requirements of the machine tool are much lower than the grinding wheel grinding machine.
  • 2: Easy operation and less auxiliary time. Whether it is a manual model or an automatic model, its operation is very simple. From the replacement of the adjustment belt to the clamping of the workpiece to be processed, all this can be done in a short time.
  • 3: The grinding ratio is large, the machine tool power utilization rate is high, and the cutting efficiency is high, so that the cost of tools and energy consumed by cutting the same amount of material is reduced, and the occupation time is short. The high grinding efficiency of the abrasive belt is manifested in its high removal rate, grinding ratio (the ratio of the weight of the cut workpiece to the weight of abrasive loss) and the power utilization of the machine tool. At present, the removal rate of steel by the known powerful abrasive belt grinding has exceeded 700 cm3/min. The abrasive belt grinding machine greatly exceeds the grinding wheel grinding machine, and even exceeds turning or milling. The grinding ratio of the abrasive belt also greatly exceeds that of the grinding wheel, up to 300:1 or even 400:1, while the grinding wheel is only 30:1. The power utilization rate of the belt grinding machine has reached 80% as early as the early stage of the development of the belt grinding, which is ahead of other cutting machine tools. Today, it is as high as 96%, and almost all the input power is converted into useful cutting power. In contrast, the grinding wheel grinding machine is only 52%, milling 57%, lathe 65%, so abrasive belt grinding is still a good energy-saving green processing technology.
  • 4: The surface quality is good. The surface roughness value of the abrasive belt grinding workpiece is small, the residual stress state is good and the surface has no micro-cracks, and the metallographic structure is unchanged. Mainly because: Abrasive belt grinding is a kind of elastic grinding. Because the carrier of the abrasive belt is composed of materials with certain elasticity such as cloth base or paper base, combined with the elastic characteristics of the binder and the rubber contact wheel, the abrasive belt grinding is a kind of grinding, grinding and polishing. Composite cnc machining process. From the surface roughness point of view, it can reach Ra0.1μm level, and some even reach Ra0.001μm level. Relative to grinding wheel grinding, abrasive belt grinding is called “cold state” grinding. Because the sand belt has a long circumference, the heat dissipation is fast, so that the abrasive particles are cooled well, the grinding temperature is low, and the workpiece surface The phenomenon of “burn” is not easy to occur, the microstructure of the microstructure does not change, the surface residual stress after processing is small, and the work hardening is small, which will not cause micro-cracks, especially when grinding difficult materials such as heat-resistant steel. Abrasive belt grinding system has low vibration and good stability. Due to the light weight of the abrasive belt, all rotating parts (such as contact wheels, drive wheels, tension wheels, etc.) wear very little, and the dynamic balance of the grinding system is stable, and no unbalance like the grinding wheel will occur. In addition, the elastic grinding effect of the abrasive belt can effectively reduce or absorb the vibration and impact generated during grinding. Abrasive belt drive wheels do not have a smaller grinding diameter as the grinding wheel, so the grinding line speed is stable and the product appearance is consistent.
  • 5: Grinding belt is safe, with low noise and dust, easy to control, and good environmental benefits:Because the abrasive belt itself is light in mass and small inertia, even if it breaks, it is not as dangerous as the grinding wheel cracking. Abrasive belt grinding is not as serious as sand grinding, especially during dry grinding. The abrasive debris is mainly the material of the workpiece, and it is easy to recover and control the dust. Because of the flexible contact, it does not form a rigid impact on the workpiece like the grinding wheel, so the processing noise is small.
  • 6: The abrasive belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable.:In addition to the application of sanding on the surface of wooden plates, it is also widely used in metals (iron plates, stainless steel plates, titanium plates, machining aluminum plates), non-metals (plastic plates, artificial stone plates, natural stone plates), and abrasive belt grinding can be processed Most engineering materials.
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