The Characteristics Of Horizontal Axis Rectangular Table Surface Grinder

The characteristics of horizontal axis rectangular table surface grinder:

  • 1. The vertical movement of the grinding head has a lifting device, which is easy to operate. The lateral movement is driven by a variable frequency motor and can be steplessly adjusted.
  • 2. The longitudinal movement of the worktable is driven by a vane pump, which is smooth and has low noise. The oil sump is equipped with a cooling device, the temperature rise is low, and the thermal deformation is small.
  • 3. The grinding head adopts the popular rolling bearing structure.
  • 4. The layout of the machine tool adopts the column on the right. The structure of the grinding head, carriage and column has new breakthroughs, and the whole machine has good rigidity.
  • 5. The vertical and horizontal feed motion of the machine tool adopts ball screw pair, and the feed sensitivity is high.
  • 6. The vertical and lateral feed parts of the machine tool have servo motor installation positions, and the CNC system can be configured as a CNC machine tool as needed.

Surface grinder with rectangular table. The main function is to use the periphery of the grinding wheel to grind the plane of the workpiece, and the end face of the grinding wheel can also be used to grind the side of the groove and flange of the workpiece.

The grinding accuracy and smoothness are both high. It is suitable for grinding all kinds of precision parts and tools, and can be used for precision cnc machining in mechanical processing workshops, machine repair workshops and tool workshops.

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